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User Manager Pro 6.53.060330

No Image Rapid mass management of security on servers/workstations. Allows system administrators to report on and make global changes to local user credentials, groups, rights, registry settings, and more across an entire network in a single operation.

LanSpy 2.0: Nothing on the remote computer is hidden from you now!
LanSpy 2.0

LanSpy is a network security scanner, which allows getting different information about computer: Domain and NetBios names, MAC address, Server information, Domain and Domain controller information, Remote control, Time, Discs, Transports, Users, Global and local users groups, Policy settings, Shared resources, Sessions, Open files, Services, Registry and Event log information and etc. Nothing on the remote computer is hidden from you now!

domain and netbios names, mac address, information, users, global and local users groups, transports, port scanner, controller, shared resources, domain, policy settings, server information, network security scanner

ContactGenie GalPort 1.0.1: ContactGenie GalPort - export MS Exchange Global Address List and Dist Groups
ContactGenie GalPort 1.0.1

ContactGenie GalPort for Microsoft Outlook/Exchange. Export Microsoft Exchange Global Address list and global distribution groups to text file or MS Access. Template support for repeated use. Export both MS Exchange, SMTP, Proxy addresses.

contacts, global address list, outlook, microsoft exchange, global distribution group, import, import contacts, export, export contacts

Active Network Monitor 2.01: The centralized administrative tool that gathers information from the network
Active Network Monitor 2.01

Active Network Monitor is a tool for the day-to-day monitoring of computers in the network. Active Network Monitor runs under Windows NT/2000/XP and allows Systems Administrators to gather information from all the computers (even from the Windows 9x/Me computers) in the network without installing server-side applications on these computers. Active Network Monitor provides the powerful technology of storing and comparing received data.

monitoring, windows monitoring, networks, network management, auditing, network monitor

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Cyber-What!? 1.0

Cyber-What!? is simple yet powerful voice conferencing Client/Server solution for Windows. Supports up to 60 simultaneous speakers on your LAN or via Internet! 1.4kbps up to 350kbps transfer rates provide maximum flexibility and resource utilization. Get telephone quality reproduction already at 13kbps! Use configurable, global shorcut keys to instantly speak to groups of contacts, from any application!

internet, network, multicasting, chat, voice, audio, shareware, voice over ip, communications, conferencing, internet telephony, voice conferencing

ApacheConf 5.0: Shell (GUI) for configuring Apache web server.
ApacheConf 5.0

ApacheConf is a shell (GUI) for configuring Apache web servers that will help you to tune the main configuration httpd.conf file. ApacheConf presents all the information in the httpd.conf file in a structured view. All of the server`s directives are grouped by category (Global parameters, Main server`s parameters,Directories,Virtual hosts, etc) and all these groups are represented as a tree.

apache configuration, apache, http server, apache server, apache gui, server tool, web server

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EU Comm SMS 1.5

User friendly and powerful SMS messaging application with global coverage. You can for instance import your contacts directly from Outlook and Outlook Express, create groups, send SMS to multiple recipients, and send personalised mass messages. The following features makes EU Comm SMS stand out from the crowd: -Automatic updates -Integrated customer feedback functionality -Works behind proxy servers -Fresh and user friendly interface

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